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The highest rural belltower in Russia. Now it's abandoned but the future of that village looks more positive than reality is. I took the series for Rostov Kremlin museum as it's going to participate in massive renovation of the place.

Location: Porechye, Russia.

Association des Habitants. Fascinating building, Le Corbusier.

Location: Marseille, France

Marseille is full of inspirational spots with a brilliant mix of modern and authentic architecture.

Location: Marseille, France

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Dubai | Toronto

Pure history and heritage of Havana, Cuba.

It was a heritage mansion transformed into a college over USSR times. Being abandoned for the last few years it's going to be renovated and remodeled as a museum.

Location: Rostov, Russia

Massive ansamble of buildings and parks designed in eclectic way. Owners used to live there just for a few years before revolution happened and it got transformed into a camp/sanatorium. Terrifying intoriors of that beauty are on the pictures below.

Location: Moscow, Russia

Hundred years ago the idea of building rubber plants was very optimistic. First rubber plant was built in 1931 in Yaroslavl, Russia. It was one of the most famous plants in Eastern Europe.

Location: Yaroslavl, Russia

Rostov Kremlin and its surronding area. One of the oldest towns in the country.

Location: Rostov-The-Great, Russia