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Migranty. Family 1. Slava Ivanov. 2020 (

End of 2020 Federal Rostov Kremlin Museum initiated a project about people with migration experience. We collected stories and portraits of those who moved to "Christian" town from Holland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and other countries.

Pictures, videos, stories and collected artefacts are exhibited at the Kremlin June, 2021.

Location: Rostov, Porechye, Russia

Migranty. Family 6, 7. Slava Ivanov. 202
Migranty. Family 4. Slava Ivanov. 2021 (
Art Residence. April 2021. Slava Ivanov

Rostov is well know for its craftsmanship, enamel art and finift. 

Location: Rostov, Russia