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EXHIBITION 2020 / ROSTOV: locals and the city

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Rostov Kremlin is a major museum located in a historical town of Rostov in central Russia. It holds annual art residences for artists and photographers.

From 13th to 15th September 2020 7 photographers from Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Novgorod the Great and Rostov explored the town and most interesting places of Rostov like factories, markets, tiny streets, artists' studios, talked to locals and got to know their lifestyle.

46 selected photographs were split to 3 themes:

1. Industry. Working process at the enterprises of Syktyvkar Tissue Group, Rostov Finift (Enamel art), agricultural enterprise Krasny Mayak;

2. Leisure. Local markets and the Stadium.

3. Street photography & portrait. Hidden streets of Rostov, communication with locals, meetings with veterans.

The main point of the exhibition is to show lifestyle of historical Russian settlement as it is, a fresh look at the ancient town through the eyes of photographers who rarely (or even never before) visited Rostov.

All pictures are not staged and never been retouched.

Exhibition takes place at Rostov Kremlin, Rostov the Great, Yaroslavl obl., 152151

10th, October 2020 - 15th, November 2020

If you would like to talk to coordinators or take part in future projects please contact:

Slava Ivanov


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Илья Бесхлебный 03.jpg


Coordinators /

Slava Ivanov

Larisa Elnikova

Ksenia Kosheleva

Ekaterina Onischenko

Photographers /

Natalia Khomutova @suharikmoi

Maria Seredyuk @pisistrata

Uliana Urinova @freshllook

Slava Ivanov @photogta

Ilya Beskhlebny @ilya_bim

Sergey Lakeev @fly_rus

Julia Lyulina





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