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Exploring Ghost Heritage of Moscow Suburbs

Unique ensemble and its interiors captured in this video. You'll see night pictures of this spectacular mansion which haven't been published before. For more architectural photography stories please visit my instagram.

Vinogradovo Estate located in Dolgoprudny is a remarkable architectural ensemble of Moscow Suburbs. The main two mansions were built in 1910s however they had been expropriated shortly. They were transformed into cardiology sanatorium over USSR time which had been shut down by 1991. However Chief physician and accountant are still on duty getting their income. Their office is located in a small heated part of wooden mansion. The rest of the building is totally abandoned and breaking down slowly.

Searching for some details in Internet we realized that the territory is being monitored by security guards but that fact didn't make us desperate. Trying to get on the territory we had been unexpectedly stopped by a couple of security guards. The reason of that was a camera placed close to the main entrance so we had to leave.

We tried to gain the trust and had been rewarded by a chance to come back once the staff left. The buildings are designed in eclectic way. There are signs of neoclassicism, neo-baroque and art-nouveau in its interiors and exteriors.

Luckily mansions have not been deformed much. Almost everything here is authentic. The green extension is the only major and visible thing built over USSR time. The central clock tower is about to fall down. Snow and bad weather conditions can break the roof top easily. The ceiling is missing already in some rooms of the mansion.

We quickly checked the territory over 40 minutes period of time which is not enough for a good investigation and got inside of the building then. As it usually happens we get to spectacular places 2-3 years late when some important parts of interiors are missing already.

Passed the heated part of the building where the staff used to work we found the completely authentic and still magnificent interiors surrounding us. We were pleased to imagine the way of life people used to live a hundred years ago having their meetings, dinners and parties.

As I was limited in time I had to choose to shot an average video or good quality pictures. I hope that you like the photographs. If you would like to join any of my future trips please contact.

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